CPMW - Center For Physical & Mental Wellness was born in 2005 in the serene mountainous region of Western North Carolina near the Appalachian Mountain town of Blowing Rock.

The CPMW team released their first comprehensive online training platform in 2006.

While by today's standards, some of the platforms and technology used were primitive, it was at the time cutting edge for an online learning platform and helped pioneer the online learning revolution.

While downloadable material such as images, videos, .pdf's and flash had been used for some time, CPMW incorporated live video chats and group chats as well as live streaming into the learning platform similar to a modern day Zoom Meeting.

CPMW offers courses that include live instruction throughout the year, but also offer our very popular learn at your own pace courses which come with downloadable material, online access 24/7 and online quizzes and tests.

We look forward to being able to help you enhance your professional skill set(s).